First Feature Film

Earlier this year, Dutch feature film ‘The Big Slime Movie’ was premiered. During my internship at Fons Merkies, I was asked to compose additional music for several scenes. I also helped with arrangements and score design for the recordings. Filled with joy and gratitude, I’m happy to share that my first film credit is a fact.

‘The Big Slime Movie’ (in Dutch: ‘De Grote Slijmfilm’) is an adventurous family movie about Indy and Olivia; two best friends who’re crazy about making slime. Dominicus Duff, owning the biggest toy factory in the country, has a sinister plan to ban slime in order to increase his own toy sales. Indy and Olivia are determined to stop him, but it won’t be without a fight.

Director: Hans Somers
Producer: NewBe
Composers: Fons Merkies & Laurens Goedhart
Assistant Composer: Joris Saaltink