Thumbnail Disconnected
Written and directed by Nard van Vrijaldenhoven
Thumbnail The Piano Man
The Piano Man
Written and directed by Ezra Meijer
Various pieces composed for different genres


JORROW (Joris Saaltink) is a 23-year-old composer for media, from the Netherlands. Educated as an all-round music producer at the Conservatory of Haarlem and with guidance from renowned composers Martijn Schimmer and Fons Merkies, this aspiring professional was quickly noticed. Some of his recent work includes music for several prominent ad campaigns as well as additional music for Dutch feature film ‘De Grote Slijmfilm’ together with Fons Merkies and Laurens Goedhart.

His musical journey began at the age of 9 when he discovered the drums. When trained as a drummer and percussionist by a local orchestra, his passion for music blazed. His crush on rhythm has never ebbed and has only reinforced his musical freedom.

At the age of 14, things took an exciting turn when he discovered the endless capabilities of writing music on his computer. Music production soon proved to be the right path and during his study at the Conservatory, his already eclectic taste in music swiftly expanded. This led to discovering that composing for film fitted him like a glove. His broad musical experience and his urge to collaborate – together with his attraction for film – only fuelled this life changing career decision.

His roots as a DJ & producer are still very well reflected in his work due to his focus on carefully sculpted electronic soundscapes. Pushing the boundaries of contemporary music, he always manages to produce not-heard-before sounds. Though despite his predilection for electronic sound sources, he’s just as keen on writing for orchestral instruments.

As a film composer I strongly believe you have to act, think and feel like a filmmaker. The film always comes first and the music only complements the storytelling.

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